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LegoLand April 6, 2013

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Legoland 2013-03-30 015Legoland 2013-03-30 016Legoland 2013-03-30 036Legoland 2013-03-30 037Legoland 2013-03-30 044Legoland 2013-03-30 054
Legoland 2013-03-30 064Legoland 2013-03-30 068Legoland 2013-03-30 085Legoland 2013-03-30 100Legoland 2013-03-30 105Untitled_Panorama1

LegoLand, a set on Flickr.

The new LEGOLAND opened in Toronto.
My son was thrilled. I took us 4 1/2 hours to go through. OK, there was plenty of time spent just building beside the kiddie pools full of bricks.

There are a couple for rides, 4D movies, areas to race your imagination inspired cars, and an opportunity to build a project with the Master builder class.

William was focused on the earthquake table. You build a tower with Duplo and press a button to have it subjected to an earthquake.  The results are a learning experience.

I was amazed at the room full of all the Ontario landmarks. The Master builder did an excellent job. I have to admit the I spent a great deal of time just looking at all the detail.

William had to laugh when he found Chewbacca in the stands at the Toronto Maple Leafs Game at the ACC.

Well worth the visit is you have a Legoholic, like my son.



Harvest 2012 October 15, 2012

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Harvest 2012 008Harvest 2012 011Harvest 2012 015Harvest 2012 017Harvest 2012 030Harvest 2012 037
Harvest 2012 041Harvest 2012 054Harvest 2012 055Harvest 2012 067Harvest 2012 068Harvest 2012 070
Harvest 2012 079Harvest 2012 087Harvest 2012 091Harvest 2012 092Harvest 2012 094Harvest 2012 095
Harvest 2012 096Harvest 2012 097Harvest 2012 102Harvest 2012 106Harvest 2012 125Harvest 2012 126

Harvest 2012, a set on Flickr.

Ontario’s bounty!

Old Iron UPDATE July 29, 2012

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Cottage 079 by Roger's Eye <(r)>
Cottage 079 a photo by Roger’s Eye <(r)> on Flickr.

We got to Haliburton this year to discover the old girl got a lovely new coat of paint!

She looks very proud in her shiny new coat. I hope it lasts a while before someone has to come along and deface it with scratches and paint bombs.

Kudos to the restoration crew….

William was very impressed……

Canadian Wareplane Heritage Museum July 3, 2012

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Museums Hamilton 222Museums Hamilton 221Museums Hamilton 219Museums Hamilton 216Museums Hamilton 170Museums Hamilton 145
Museums Hamilton 144Museums Hamilton 143Museums Hamilton 142Museums Hamilton 141Museums Hamilton 140Museums Hamilton 137
Museums Hamilton 136Museums Hamilton 135Museums Hamilton 133Museums Hamilton 131Museums Hamilton 130Museums Hamilton 129
Museums Hamilton 128Museums Hamilton 126Museums Hamilton 122Museums Hamilton 117Museums Hamilton 113Museums Hamilton 112

Canadian Wareplane Heritage Museum, a set on Flickr.

William and I went on another museum adventure.

It is our day off, so be started our day taking mom to work. Hamilton is a short drive from Toronto, and well worth the trip.

We had the whole place to ourselves. Shame more people don’t take advantage of the place.

We wandered around the history for a couple of hours. William’s favorite aircraft were the ones that he could get climb into. He flew many imaginary missions in the real captain seats. I have fond memories doing the same with my Dad.

This museum holds a special place for me. This is that last museum that my father and I visited together.

Now there have been 3 generations of our family to walk amongst the wings.


thx for reading

Seed Study June 18, 2012

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Reflection 3Reflection 2Reflection 1Drop HeldSeed Study 023
Seed Study 018Seed Study 004Seed Study 2 010

Seed Study, a set on Flickr.

There are these seeds near my home. They look like enormous dandelions. I have no idea what they are. I stopped the van on Saturday and collected a coffee cup full.
These are results of playing around with my trusty 100mm macro and a tripod. I used my playbook as a black reflective surface.
I added a little interest with an eye dropper and a mister.
What do you think?

Old Iron May 27, 2012

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Cottage 035 by Roger's Eye <(r)>
Cottage 035 a photo by Roger’s Eye <(r)> on Flickr.

I have taken shots of this engine on a number of occations. It is a requirement that we stop by and visit it when we are in cottage country. William would so upset if we did not visit “his” train, when we are in Haliburton, Ontario, getting supplies.
I think this black and white treatment does her justice.
Cottage 036

I am beginning to move into a black and white phase, I think. I am looking more and more with black and white in mind.
I think I will spend a little more time in Lightroom and experimenting with the black and white settings.

Wish me luck.


Trillium May 24, 2012

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Trillium by Roger's Eye <(r)>
Trillium a photo by Roger’s Eye <(r)> on Flickr.

It is spring here in Ontario. The winter was very mild and our May weather feels more like July. Up at the cottage, the road sides are covered with huge areas awash with Trillium. I have never see so many.

I had to stop and enjoy them.

Trillium: the official flower of Ontario.