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Hamilton Museum of Steam and Technology July 7, 2012

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Hamilton Museum of Steam and Technology, a set on Flickr.

This is yet another museum visited by the 2 intrepid adventurers.
After leaving the Warplane Heritage Museum, William and I made our way to this little gem.
This relatively small museum is packed with interesting stuff. Our guide was very informative and demonstrated the power of stream through models and photographs. We learned the history of the pump house and how it was used to provide clean water to the city of Hamilton over 140 years ago. William and I were amazed that he could rotate one of huge pump wheels (the weight of 11 elephants!) with just a little bit of leverage. After learning the principles of stream, it was awesome to see the huge pump come to life.
We will be returning to the museum when they host the Golden Horseshoe Live Steamers Days.
Science is everywhere!
If you are in the area, it is worth the stop.


Canadian Wareplane Heritage Museum July 3, 2012

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Canadian Wareplane Heritage Museum, a set on Flickr.

William and I went on another museum adventure.

It is our day off, so be started our day taking mom to work. Hamilton is a short drive from Toronto, and well worth the trip.

We had the whole place to ourselves. Shame more people don’t take advantage of the place.

We wandered around the history for a couple of hours. William’s favorite aircraft were the ones that he could get climb into. He flew many imaginary missions in the real captain seats. I have fond memories doing the same with my Dad.

This museum holds a special place for me. This is that last museum that my father and I visited together.

Now there have been 3 generations of our family to walk amongst the wings.


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The ROM Expedition June 25, 2012

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ROM, a set on Flickr.

I moved to Ontario in the early 1990s. The Royal Ontario Museum has always been on my “To Do” list. Years passed and it never bubbled to the top of my list. Embarrassingly, I work just blocks away and see it every day from my local Starbucks.

Recently, my son’s fascination with dinosaurs, made me think of it again.

Maggie was working on Saturday, so I asked my 6 year old if he would like to see some Dino bones. He was “all in” to say the least.

Saturday arrived and the two adventurers boarded the subway and headed to St. George Station. We entered, and were greeted by the helpful staff. William and I wandered around with no plan at all (sometimes that is the best way). I let William lead from one display to the next. “Look! Look! Look!”, he chirped with excitement. Today was not the day to stop and read. Today was the day to run behind and watch him take it all in.
This place is huge! Why did I wait so long to experience this amazing place?

William and I wandered around through all the exhibits. Some had to be experienced 2 and 3 times. He and I loved the bat cave best. He saw a mummy first hand. I made mental notes, “next time we come, I want to see this and that”.

Our stomachs informed us that it was lunch time, so we stopped at the café. At the table, we made plans to revisit the dinos before we left. Tummies full and a game plan agree to, we made our way back to the exhibits. This time William slowed down and showed me all the characters from the Ice age movies.

After the last visit with the dinosaurs, we headed to the gift shop. I thought for sure a huge stuffed Dino would be requested. Instead, William approached me with a stuffed bat toy. William promptly named it “Screacher”. We bought a mummy for mommy and a book for me (no surprise).

Saying good bye, we left the museum and headed towards my office to catch the train home. We stopped to look at the Indy Car on the tea cups.
ROM 303

ROM 300

It was such a lovely day. We both learned something today.

William is an excellent teacher.