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Then and Now Project July 20, 2014

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This is an interesting project to get you out and about.  While surfing the web on day I came across some very old photos of my neighborhood.   I have to thank the Vintage Toronto Facebook group for this.  I printed the old photos as started walking around to line op the angles.   Some “finds” were obvious, but some were more of a challenge as the building did not exist any longer.  Google earth is also a good source for finding locations, but to get the view just right, you will have to go to the location is person.

It also is a great way to meet people.  I have been approached while setting up a shot by interested passers by.  I got a few stories about the area from the past.  Locals are very willing to share, just respect property lines and privacy.

The results are very satisfying.



PhotoGrid_1403478091209 PhotoGrid_1403478361974 PhotoGrid_1403491478046 PhotoGrid_1403491801841 PhotoGrid_1403605516072 PhotoGrid_1403658178448 PhotoGrid_1403658335358

To line up the before and now images, I used a little android app called PhotoGrid.   It was quick and simple.

So, get out and visit some local history.  It is fun and rewarding…..and you get some exercise.




Old Iron May 27, 2012

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Cottage 035 by Roger's Eye <(r)>
Cottage 035 a photo by Roger’s Eye <(r)> on Flickr.

I have taken shots of this engine on a number of occations. It is a requirement that we stop by and visit it when we are in cottage country. William would so upset if we did not visit “his” train, when we are in Haliburton, Ontario, getting supplies.
I think this black and white treatment does her justice.
Cottage 036

I am beginning to move into a black and white phase, I think. I am looking more and more with black and white in mind.
I think I will spend a little more time in Lightroom and experimenting with the black and white settings.

Wish me luck.


Zoo in black and white April 21, 2012

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Zoo in black and white by Roger's Eye <(r)>
Zoo in black and white a photo by Roger’s Eye <(r)> on Flickr.

Now, take the same picture and treat it 2 ways. Two different results and feelings.

Zoo 158

I have to say that the colour version is nice, but I much prefer the Black and White version.

I use lightroom as a dark room product and am very happy with it.

Your opinions are encouraged.

What are your thoughts? critiques?

Zoo 154Zoo in black and white

I think I actually print and frame these.  I think the black and white versions in a black frame and a large white mat…no?