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Then and Now Project July 20, 2014

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This is an interesting project to get you out and about.  While surfing the web on day I came across some very old photos of my neighborhood.   I have to thank the Vintage Toronto Facebook group for this.  I printed the old photos as started walking around to line op the angles.   Some “finds” were obvious, but some were more of a challenge as the building did not exist any longer.  Google earth is also a good source for finding locations, but to get the view just right, you will have to go to the location is person.

It also is a great way to meet people.  I have been approached while setting up a shot by interested passers by.  I got a few stories about the area from the past.  Locals are very willing to share, just respect property lines and privacy.

The results are very satisfying.



PhotoGrid_1403478091209 PhotoGrid_1403478361974 PhotoGrid_1403491478046 PhotoGrid_1403491801841 PhotoGrid_1403605516072 PhotoGrid_1403658178448 PhotoGrid_1403658335358

To line up the before and now images, I used a little android app called PhotoGrid.   It was quick and simple.

So, get out and visit some local history.  It is fun and rewarding…..and you get some exercise.



LegoLand April 6, 2013

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Legoland 2013-03-30 015Legoland 2013-03-30 016Legoland 2013-03-30 036Legoland 2013-03-30 037Legoland 2013-03-30 044Legoland 2013-03-30 054
Legoland 2013-03-30 064Legoland 2013-03-30 068Legoland 2013-03-30 085Legoland 2013-03-30 100Legoland 2013-03-30 105Untitled_Panorama1

LegoLand, a set on Flickr.

The new LEGOLAND opened in Toronto.
My son was thrilled. I took us 4 1/2 hours to go through. OK, there was plenty of time spent just building beside the kiddie pools full of bricks.

There are a couple for rides, 4D movies, areas to race your imagination inspired cars, and an opportunity to build a project with the Master builder class.

William was focused on the earthquake table. You build a tower with Duplo and press a button to have it subjected to an earthquake.  The results are a learning experience.

I was amazed at the room full of all the Ontario landmarks. The Master builder did an excellent job. I have to admit the I spent a great deal of time just looking at all the detail.

William had to laugh when he found Chewbacca in the stands at the Toronto Maple Leafs Game at the ACC.

Well worth the visit is you have a Legoholic, like my son.



Wallpapers October 18, 2012

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Sunday 029Crimson FallCottage 098Pano-Full--small_HDRNestle Trailzoom 059
Downeys Farm 127Show and Shine 115Harvest 2012 095Big SkySunsetZoo Texture
Niagara Falls 082African Lion Safari 027Sparklerrain 034ROM 303ROM 139
HeldDrop Misty Morning 075Cottage 035Misty - deep focus stackJC

Wallpaper, a set on Flickr.

This is my collection of favorites. I use these for wallpapers on my windows PCs. I like to use my own work. I do find myself shooting with a format in mind. My facebook banner or playbook wallpaper…..or even my digital frame at home, all have different aspect ratio’s.

Funny what you think about sometimes…..


Show and Shine October 18, 2012

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Show and Shine 096Show and Shine 056Show and Shine 059Show and Shine 063Show and Shine 065Show and Shine 066
Show and Shine 067Show and Shine 081Show and Shine 083Show and Shine 085Show and Shine 087Show and Shine 088
Show and Shine 089Show and Shine 092Show and Shine 094Show and Shine 098Show and Shine 099Show and Shine 104
Show and Shine 107Show and Shine 109Show and Shine 111Show and Shine 113Show and Shine 115Show and Shine 117

Show and Shine, a set on Flickr.

I walked out of my son’s skating lessons and this wonderfull event was there.

It was a great oppertunity to get creative with some old iron…..


Harvest 2012 October 15, 2012

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Harvest 2012 008Harvest 2012 011Harvest 2012 015Harvest 2012 017Harvest 2012 030Harvest 2012 037
Harvest 2012 041Harvest 2012 054Harvest 2012 055Harvest 2012 067Harvest 2012 068Harvest 2012 070
Harvest 2012 079Harvest 2012 087Harvest 2012 091Harvest 2012 092Harvest 2012 094Harvest 2012 095
Harvest 2012 096Harvest 2012 097Harvest 2012 102Harvest 2012 106Harvest 2012 125Harvest 2012 126

Harvest 2012, a set on Flickr.

Ontario’s bounty!

Old Iron UPDATE July 29, 2012

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Cottage 079 by Roger's Eye <(r)>
Cottage 079 a photo by Roger’s Eye <(r)> on Flickr.

We got to Haliburton this year to discover the old girl got a lovely new coat of paint!

She looks very proud in her shiny new coat. I hope it lasts a while before someone has to come along and deface it with scratches and paint bombs.

Kudos to the restoration crew….

William was very impressed……

Hamilton Museum of Steam and Technology July 7, 2012

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Museums-Hamilton-005Museums Hamilton 260Museums Hamilton 259Museums Hamilton 258Museums Hamilton 257Museums Hamilton 256
Museums Hamilton 255Museums Hamilton 254Museums Hamilton 253Museums Hamilton 252Museums Hamilton 233Museums Hamilton 228

Hamilton Museum of Steam and Technology, a set on Flickr.

This is yet another museum visited by the 2 intrepid adventurers.
After leaving the Warplane Heritage Museum, William and I made our way to this little gem.
This relatively small museum is packed with interesting stuff. Our guide was very informative and demonstrated the power of stream through models and photographs. We learned the history of the pump house and how it was used to provide clean water to the city of Hamilton over 140 years ago. William and I were amazed that he could rotate one of huge pump wheels (the weight of 11 elephants!) with just a little bit of leverage. After learning the principles of stream, it was awesome to see the huge pump come to life.
We will be returning to the museum when they host the Golden Horseshoe Live Steamers Days.
Science is everywhere!
If you are in the area, it is worth the stop.

Canadian Wareplane Heritage Museum July 3, 2012

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Museums Hamilton 222Museums Hamilton 221Museums Hamilton 219Museums Hamilton 216Museums Hamilton 170Museums Hamilton 145
Museums Hamilton 144Museums Hamilton 143Museums Hamilton 142Museums Hamilton 141Museums Hamilton 140Museums Hamilton 137
Museums Hamilton 136Museums Hamilton 135Museums Hamilton 133Museums Hamilton 131Museums Hamilton 130Museums Hamilton 129
Museums Hamilton 128Museums Hamilton 126Museums Hamilton 122Museums Hamilton 117Museums Hamilton 113Museums Hamilton 112

Canadian Wareplane Heritage Museum, a set on Flickr.

William and I went on another museum adventure.

It is our day off, so be started our day taking mom to work. Hamilton is a short drive from Toronto, and well worth the trip.

We had the whole place to ourselves. Shame more people don’t take advantage of the place.

We wandered around the history for a couple of hours. William’s favorite aircraft were the ones that he could get climb into. He flew many imaginary missions in the real captain seats. I have fond memories doing the same with my Dad.

This museum holds a special place for me. This is that last museum that my father and I visited together.

Now there have been 3 generations of our family to walk amongst the wings.


thx for reading

The ROM Expedition June 25, 2012

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ROM 295ROM 282ROM 279ROM 189ROM 178ROM 174
ROM 172ROM 170ROM 169ROM 168ROM 164ROM 139
ROM 129ROM 127ROM 110ROM 104ROM 095ROM 091
ROM 082ROM 079ROM 071ROM 061ROM 060ROM 050

ROM, a set on Flickr.

I moved to Ontario in the early 1990s. The Royal Ontario Museum has always been on my “To Do” list. Years passed and it never bubbled to the top of my list. Embarrassingly, I work just blocks away and see it every day from my local Starbucks.

Recently, my son’s fascination with dinosaurs, made me think of it again.

Maggie was working on Saturday, so I asked my 6 year old if he would like to see some Dino bones. He was “all in” to say the least.

Saturday arrived and the two adventurers boarded the subway and headed to St. George Station. We entered, and were greeted by the helpful staff. William and I wandered around with no plan at all (sometimes that is the best way). I let William lead from one display to the next. “Look! Look! Look!”, he chirped with excitement. Today was not the day to stop and read. Today was the day to run behind and watch him take it all in.
This place is huge! Why did I wait so long to experience this amazing place?

William and I wandered around through all the exhibits. Some had to be experienced 2 and 3 times. He and I loved the bat cave best. He saw a mummy first hand. I made mental notes, “next time we come, I want to see this and that”.

Our stomachs informed us that it was lunch time, so we stopped at the café. At the table, we made plans to revisit the dinos before we left. Tummies full and a game plan agree to, we made our way back to the exhibits. This time William slowed down and showed me all the characters from the Ice age movies.

After the last visit with the dinosaurs, we headed to the gift shop. I thought for sure a huge stuffed Dino would be requested. Instead, William approached me with a stuffed bat toy. William promptly named it “Screacher”. We bought a mummy for mommy and a book for me (no surprise).

Saying good bye, we left the museum and headed towards my office to catch the train home. We stopped to look at the Indy Car on the tea cups.
ROM 303

ROM 300

It was such a lovely day. We both learned something today.

William is an excellent teacher.

Seed Study June 18, 2012

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Reflection 3Reflection 2Reflection 1Drop HeldSeed Study 023
Seed Study 018Seed Study 004Seed Study 2 010

Seed Study, a set on Flickr.

There are these seeds near my home. They look like enormous dandelions. I have no idea what they are. I stopped the van on Saturday and collected a coffee cup full.
These are results of playing around with my trusty 100mm macro and a tripod. I used my playbook as a black reflective surface.
I added a little interest with an eye dropper and a mister.
What do you think?