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Then and Now Project July 20, 2014

Posted by Roger's Eye in museums, Photography.
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This is an interesting project to get you out and about.  While surfing the web on day I came across some very old photos of my neighborhood.   I have to thank the Vintage Toronto Facebook group for this.  I printed the old photos as started walking around to line op the angles.   Some “finds” were obvious, but some were more of a challenge as the building did not exist any longer.  Google earth is also a good source for finding locations, but to get the view just right, you will have to go to the location is person.

It also is a great way to meet people.  I have been approached while setting up a shot by interested passers by.  I got a few stories about the area from the past.  Locals are very willing to share, just respect property lines and privacy.

The results are very satisfying.



PhotoGrid_1403478091209 PhotoGrid_1403478361974 PhotoGrid_1403491478046 PhotoGrid_1403491801841 PhotoGrid_1403605516072 PhotoGrid_1403658178448 PhotoGrid_1403658335358

To line up the before and now images, I used a little android app called PhotoGrid.   It was quick and simple.

So, get out and visit some local history.  It is fun and rewarding…..and you get some exercise.