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LegoLand April 6, 2013

Posted by Roger's Eye in museums, Photography.
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LegoLand, a set on Flickr.

The new LEGOLAND opened in Toronto.
My son was thrilled. I took us 4 1/2 hours to go through. OK, there was plenty of time spent just building beside the kiddie pools full of bricks.

There are a couple for rides, 4D movies, areas to race your imagination inspired cars, and an opportunity to build a project with the Master builder class.

William was focused on the earthquake table. You build a tower with Duplo and press a button to have it subjected to an earthquake.  The results are a learning experience.

I was amazed at the room full of all the Ontario landmarks. The Master builder did an excellent job. I have to admit the I spent a great deal of time just looking at all the detail.

William had to laugh when he found Chewbacca in the stands at the Toronto Maple Leafs Game at the ACC.

Well worth the visit is you have a Legoholic, like my son.