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Old Iron UPDATE July 29, 2012

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Cottage 079 by Roger's Eye <(r)>
Cottage 079 a photo by Roger’s Eye <(r)> on Flickr.

We got to Haliburton this year to discover the old girl got a lovely new coat of paint!

She looks very proud in her shiny new coat. I hope it lasts a while before someone has to come along and deface it with scratches and paint bombs.

Kudos to the restoration crew….

William was very impressed……


Hamilton Museum of Steam and Technology July 7, 2012

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Museums-Hamilton-005Museums Hamilton 260Museums Hamilton 259Museums Hamilton 258Museums Hamilton 257Museums Hamilton 256
Museums Hamilton 255Museums Hamilton 254Museums Hamilton 253Museums Hamilton 252Museums Hamilton 233Museums Hamilton 228

Hamilton Museum of Steam and Technology, a set on Flickr.

This is yet another museum visited by the 2 intrepid adventurers.
After leaving the Warplane Heritage Museum, William and I made our way to this little gem.
This relatively small museum is packed with interesting stuff. Our guide was very informative and demonstrated the power of stream through models and photographs. We learned the history of the pump house and how it was used to provide clean water to the city of Hamilton over 140 years ago. William and I were amazed that he could rotate one of huge pump wheels (the weight of 11 elephants!) with just a little bit of leverage. After learning the principles of stream, it was awesome to see the huge pump come to life.
We will be returning to the museum when they host the Golden Horseshoe Live Steamers Days.
Science is everywhere!
If you are in the area, it is worth the stop.

Canadian Wareplane Heritage Museum July 3, 2012

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Museums Hamilton 222Museums Hamilton 221Museums Hamilton 219Museums Hamilton 216Museums Hamilton 170Museums Hamilton 145
Museums Hamilton 144Museums Hamilton 143Museums Hamilton 142Museums Hamilton 141Museums Hamilton 140Museums Hamilton 137
Museums Hamilton 136Museums Hamilton 135Museums Hamilton 133Museums Hamilton 131Museums Hamilton 130Museums Hamilton 129
Museums Hamilton 128Museums Hamilton 126Museums Hamilton 122Museums Hamilton 117Museums Hamilton 113Museums Hamilton 112

Canadian Wareplane Heritage Museum, a set on Flickr.

William and I went on another museum adventure.

It is our day off, so be started our day taking mom to work. Hamilton is a short drive from Toronto, and well worth the trip.

We had the whole place to ourselves. Shame more people don’t take advantage of the place.

We wandered around the history for a couple of hours. William’s favorite aircraft were the ones that he could get climb into. He flew many imaginary missions in the real captain seats. I have fond memories doing the same with my Dad.

This museum holds a special place for me. This is that last museum that my father and I visited together.

Now there have been 3 generations of our family to walk amongst the wings.


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